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BONDI 1.1 Approved Release

DATE: 09/02/10


OMTP is pleased to announce the ìBONDI 1.1 Approved Releaseî, the second public release of the BONDI specifications.

The BONDI version 1.1 approved release is an update to version 1.01 targeted at including some minor additions relating to system event management and a host of improvements to API and security design based upon implementation experience.

The BONDI version approved 1.1 release factors in change requests raised against the 1.1 candidate release in its public consultation phase. It has been approved for release by the BONDI Steering Committee

A detailed list of changes may be found in the BONDI 1.1 Release notes


The interfaces workstream defines the Javascript APIs to 14 distinct device interfaces

Document Description
Interface Requirements Identifies the requirements for each of the APIs in scope for BONDI
Javascript APIs The formal specification of the APIs, error codes and security implications of each of the APIs in BONDI
Javascript API Design Patterns Establishes common patterns and conventions, to ensure consistency of BONDI compliant APIs

Architecture and Security

The Architecture and Security work stream defines the architectural components to deliver API extensibility and the security framework required to protect an end user from the risks associated with the opening up of sensitive APIs. It includes the precise definition of a flexible security mechanism. The exposure of these interfaces is essential to enable great services. However, a security framework is essential to protect the user from the abuse of these interfaces by malicious web applications or widgets.

Document Description
Architecture and Security Primary specification document for the architecture and security workstream
Architecture and Security Appendices Appendices to complement the above document
Application Lifecycle and Events Defines requirements of application lifecycle
XML definition of Security Policy (RelaxNG) The precise syntactic definition of the XML security policy
XML definition of Digital Signatures (RelaxNG) File on which the security policy definition is dependent


The Compliance work stream defines what it means for a runtime to be BONDI compliant, both in terms of the compliance process and the distinct components against which compliance has to be made.

Document Description
Compliance Definition Introduces the scope and process by which BONDI compliance can be claimed
Compliance Matrix Defines a detailed matrix of the capabilites against which BONDI compliant technology must make a claim
Test Coverage A working document that identifies how much of the BONDI funcionality is covered explicitly by objective, repeatable Javascript tests

Status and Future Roadmap

This release is an update to the 1.01 release and has an "Approved Releaseî status.


For any questions regarding this release or BONDI in general please contact Nick Allott OMTP BONDI CTO