Electronic Cigarette Brand Reviews

Whether you’re looking to try vaping for the first time or are searching for upgrade options for your current device, electronic cigarette reviews are an important source of information. These commentaries serve as your shopping guide, providing you with detailed descriptions of each product and comparative analysis of different brands. Electronic cigarettes are sometimes not cheap so you must ensure that you have all the necessary data before deciding to invest on a vaporizer.

The best electronic cigarette reviews are those that offer unbiased opinion. They do not just talk about the good points but the negatives as well. Preferably, look for ecig reviews that include demo videos of the actual product. YouTube clips are the closest thing to letting you see and touch the merchandise you want to buy.

In this updated electronic cigarette review, we’ll be giving you an overview of the current state of the e-cigarette market as well as our top five recommended brands of the year.

Electronic Cigarette Designs

The cigarette replica is still the king of the vaping world but mid-sized (eGos) and mods (modified ecigs) are making a strong push as yesterday’s novice vapers are now looking to make the leap into PVs.

Although mini electronic cigarettes are easier to use and provide a more “realistic” feel, many vapers are staying away from these cig-alikes as more cities and states crack down on vaporizers that resemble real smokes.

Mid-sized ecigs like the popular eGo do not look like cigarettes at all. Some are built in the shape of a rollerball pen while others appear like mini telescopes. They come in an assortment of metallic hues such as electric blue, stainless steel and chrome. eGos are usually the next step for mini ecig users who have decided to stick with vaping.

Modified ecigs do not subscribe to any particular form. You’ll be able to find vaporizers that look like a pipe, bullet, hookah, garage door opener, Zippo lighter, glue gun, blowtorch, or any other gizmo that vaping hobbyists can think of. Mods are significantly bulkier and heavier than minis and eGos and are the ecig of choice of hardcore smokers.

There are also electronic cigarettes that are specially designed for women. Feminine minis and mid-sized ecigs are available in different shades of pink and purple or in colorful prints.

Battery Performance

The power of your electronic cigarette is dependent on the size of the battery. Minis last only a few hours per charge cycle and the vapor is satisfactory at best. eGos and mods have the capability to produce thick clouds of vapor which you can enjoy for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Apart from superb battery life and massive vapor volume, midis and mods use tank systems that can hold more liquid so you do not have to refill very often.

The problem with rechargeable batteries is that they are subject to degradation. After using them for several months, you will notice that the vapor is not as thick as when they were brand new even though they are fully charged. This is where APVs and modified ecigs have a huge advantage over smaller electronic cigarettes.

Mods allow you to adjust the operating voltage of your ecig. Let’s say you set your device to 4.7 volts. Every time you take a puff, your battery will vaporize your e-liquid at that voltage so the vapor thickness will be the same from start to finish – even when your battery is low on power.

Flavors and Strength

Flavor is an important component of vaping. No matter how powerful your battery is, you won’t be able to enjoy your smoking break if your e-liquid is substandard.

Advanced vapers prefer to source their e-liquid from dedicated suppliers because these vendors are usually vapers themselves so they won’t sell anything that doesn’t taste good. E-liquid specialists also allow their customers to mix different flavors and choose their preferred amount of nicotine and PG/VG ratio so they can create their very own personalized e-juice.

If refilling is not your thing, you can pick up some of those pre-mixed bottles and try different varieties of tobacco, menthol, fruit, dessert and exotic flavors until you find the one you like. With hundreds of e-liquid blends out there, you will never get bored experimenting with different juices.

Cartridges and e-liquids contain different percentages of nicotine. The most common varieties are 6-8mg (ultra light), 9-12mg (light), 12-18mg (regular), and 24mg (unfiltered). Some suppliers offer stronger filters with up to 48mg of nicotine which we do not recommend.

Starter Kits and Disposables

Mini electronic cigarettes are now available in disposable format so it’s very easy, and cheap, to try out several brands all at once.

eGos, APVs and mods require a bigger investment because you have to buy several components. Manufacturers offer starter kits that contain one or two batteries, a few flavor cartridges or bottles of e-liquid, blank tanks, and multiple charging adapters.

Electronic cigarettes are now a billion dollar industry, and with Big Tobacco trying to ease its way into the market, ecigs are expected to eventually overtake traditional cigarettes in the next decade.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews: Our Top Five

Every time a new electronic cigarette comes out, we try to provide our readers with an updated review. Our Top Five rankings change every year and for the start of 2014, here are some of the best brands you might want to try.

V2 Cigs

Although V2 Cigs no longer holds the distinction of being the cheapest premium electronic cigarette, it is still the most popular brand in the US because its ecigs continue to be the gold standard in terms of ease of use, battery quality, customization, and long-term savings.

V2 Cigs is perfect as your first e-cigarette. You’ll be able to get acclimated to inhaling from an electronic device, charging batteries, and replacing flavor cartridges without a steep learning curve. V2 Cigs will even introduce you to e-liquid refills which can come in handy when you’re ready to upgrade to more sophisticated vaporizers.

Unlike other mini ecig suppliers that only offer a limited product line, V2 Cigs has a huge selection of batteries, flavors, nicotine strengths, disposable ecigs, chargers, USB cigarettes, and accessories.

V2 Cigs kits start at $35 and flavor cartomizers cost $1.99 each. A single cartridge can produce the same number of puffs as 20 cigarettes. If you choose to refill your empty carts with V2 e-liquid, you could bring down your pack-a-day cost to roughly 60 cents! If you use a v2 coupon code it will be even cheaper. V2 Cigs has served more than 1 million satisfied customers. Its online store handles more than 4,000 orders per day on average in the US alone.

Vapor Zone

Vapor Zone is a hot new brand that quickly rose up the ranks with its amazing line of advanced personal vaporizers. Created by the same company behind South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke, Vapor Zone specializes in eGo-style batteries, modified ecigs, and custom blend e-liquids.

Mid-sized ecigs and mods are notorious for looking dull and clunky. Vapor Zone has pushed ecig design to the next level with its sleek, space-age vaporizers that are the most stylish in their category.

Vapor Zone offers six different types of electronic cigarettes. Each model is an upgrade over the previous one so you can move from simple to complex at your own pace. Start with the Vapor Zone Express mini ecig or jump right into the mid-level vaporizers. You’ll have three options – Air, Pro, and Jet.

The Vapor Zone Air is bigger than a mini but smaller than an eGo. It’s the perfect introduction to personal vaporizers – not too intimidating but is several notches above the mini in terms of vapor power. The 350mAh Air battery is aerodynamic, long-lasting, and fits the palm of your hand.

The Vapor Zone Pro packs a lot of punch at 650mAh. There’s also a 1000mAh model if you want massive clouds of vapor and a really strong throat hit. Slim and lightweight, the Vapor Zone Pro is highly portable – perfect for advanced vapers who are always on the go. The Pro ecig lets you learn a few control options such as power on/off and standby and sleep modes.

The Vapor Zone Jet also runs on 650mAh capacity but has some cool features such as a puff counter and battery meter. A pioneer in new-age design, the tip of the Vapor Zone Jet is triangular instead of round.

When you are ready to go high-end, you can choose between the 750mAh Pulse and the variable voltage Rebel. Most Vapor Zone tanks and cartomizers are interchangeable with different batteries.

Vapor Zone is probably the only ecig hardware maker that puts equal effort into its e-liquid line. There are currently more than 55 flavors available in 6 nicotine strengths. All e-liquids are made in the USA using USP-grade kosher ingredients. The best thing about Vapor Zone e-liquids is the custom blend option. Customers can choose up to three different single flavors or double shots and Vapor Zone will mix it for them in a 30ml bottle. Vape like a pro and create up to 30,000 possible flavor combinations!

Vapor Zone starter kits range from $29.99 to $179.99 – cheaper than most kits in their respective categories. When you enroll in the Home Delivery Program, you are automatically entitled to a 10% discount on future Vapor Zone purchases plus access to exclusive sale promos. When it comes to flavor, vapor volume, battery life, product selection, customization options and price, no other electronic cigarette brand can beat Vapor Zone. If you want to explore the wonderful world of modded ecigs, Vapor Zone is the best place to start.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke has been in the ecig business since 2008. During its first two years it ruled the ecig market with its superior battery performance, delicious flavors and ease of use. Although Green Smoke was among the most expensive brands, smokers were willing to pay extra because the quality of this mini is really good.

In recent years, Green Smoke has shed its “premium” reputation and made its products more budget-friendly. The brand now offers starter kits in the $30 and $50 range and you only have to pay around $3.40 for a pack and a half of smokes.

Despite its price rollback, Green Smoke has maintained the level of excellence it is known for. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are easy to draw and produce a lot of vapor. The air input is located at the tip so you don’t hear any crackling or popping noise when you inhale. Each drag is smooth and quiet – just like puffing on a real cigarette.

If you do not plan to upgrade to bigger ecigs but want to stick to vaping long-term, Green Smoke is the perfect brand for you. Green Smoke batteries and cartomizers last longer than the competition and the flavors and nicotine hit are very satisfying. The number of Green Smoke flavors is limited, so maybe you’ll try a few new brands. But no matter how many different ecigs you sample, you will always come back to Green Smoke because it always exceeds your expectations.

Green Smoke has sold a total of more than 18.25 million products, which is a testament to its reliability. If you are unsure about the reliability of this company, you can always read a green smoke review. In a major industry move, the Altria Group (makers of Marlboro) agreed to acquire Green Smoke for $110 million. With unlimited resources now at its disposal, Green Smoke could be gearing up for significant changes to its product selection. Fans of the brand would love to have more flavors, more battery types and more custom options.

Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture is the first electronic cigarette company to exclusively design vaporizers for women.

While some e-cigarette brands may offer you batteries in red, purple and pink, the beauty of these ecigs is only skin-deep. Vapor Couture goes beyond the superficial. Its batteries are long and slim – similar to 100′s style cigarettes that many women smoke. The tip of each battery is embedded with crystals instead of those dull and boring LEDs.

Each VC electronic cigarette is put together like a complete outfit: use matching batteries and cartridges for a monochromatic theme or mix them up to show contrast. Flavor cartomizers come in girlish names like Bombshell, Rodeo Drive and Strawberry Champagne and the accessory line offers chic jewelry and clutches for topping off any look.

Created by the same company behind V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture delivers the same vapor power that its big brother is known for. Starter kits range from $39.95 to $199.95 with each bundle containing basic ecig gear as well as a couple of accessories.

Vapor Couture offers six flavors in four nicotine strengths. A pack of five pre-filled cartomizers costs $12.95.

In true couture fashion, VC offers necklaces and clutches instead of lanyards and generic carry cases. The stainless steel fluted chain has a dangling charm with a lobster clasp that allows you to carry your Vapor Couture electronic cigarette like a pendant. Take off the charm attachment and it transforms to the perfect length of a bracelet.

The Vapor Couture clutch is absolutely gorgeous and can be worn as a handbag or wristlet. The long strap has a silver-toned chain with leather braided inside while the wristlet is an all-leather strap. The Vapor Couture clutch protects your batteries and cartridges with added space for your smartphone, credit cards and cash. Choose from plum, crimson, black and white colors.

Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs wants to give smokers back their freedom, and it shows in its design concepts and technological innovations.

Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes are among the smallest on the market. Even with a flavor cartridge attached, the Blu ecig is just the size of a regular cigarette. If other vaporizers weigh you down, you will definitely appreciate the light construction of the Blu battery.

Realizing the inconvenience of traveling with all your batteries, cartomizers and chargers, Blu Cigs created the Blu Pack so you can freely move around with all your ecig supplies right in your pocket.

Taking design cues from the cigarette flip-top box, the Blu Pack stores your Blu batteries and cartomizers the same way your traditional smokes are stacked. Plus, it works as a portable charger so you don’t have to carry your USB, wall and car adapters with you. As long as your Blu battery is inside the pack, it will stay charged until the pack itself needs recharging.

The Blu Premium Pack has been redesigned with social features that make the pack vibrate whenever another Blu user or Blu retailer is within 50 feet.

Blu Cigs is one of the few electronic manufacturers that do not use propylene glycol. The e-liquid in Blu cartomizers, developed by industry leader Johnson Creek, is a mix of vegetable glycerin, distilled water, natural flavors, artificial flavors, citric acid, and nicotine. Zero strength cartridges do not contain any nicotine.

Blu has made vaping fashionable with its sleek ecigs and accessories. Unfortunately, looking good comes at a price. Blu Cigs starter kits range from $80 to $90 and disposables are almost $10 a pop. Flavor cartridges cost around $2.40 but they do not produce as many puffs as those from V2 Cigs or Green Smoke.

If you don’t mind paying premium for great aesthetics, PG-free vapors, 100% American-made e-liquid, extreme portability, and a realistic smoking experience, then Blu can be a nice addition to your collection of electronic cigarettes.